Recycling the Charring from Inside the Barrel

I've done this technique for the first Four Roses barrel for Harry out in California.  What I do is take the charred flakes after chiseling them from inside the barrel and let them sit in the water based clear coat I use on the outside of the barrel to basically create my own dark stain.  You may think it would create an ebony like dark stain but it doesn't, the same reason the charring doesn't cause whiskey, scotch or rum to turn a dark black color.  Essentially what I'm doing it recycling and reusing something from inside the barrel to use on the outside of the barrel.  In the picture you can see the darker side from the lighter side after one coat, it's almost a dark oak stain that was created from using the barrels own charred characteristics. I chose to do this to this particular barrel because after some sanding, the wood looked to new in color and grain to not reflect what the barrel has been through and what it's created.  This is only one coat, I typically use 2.

New Product!!!

I'm very proud of this new piece and to offer it as a new product.  It started a couple of  years ago when I was coming up with new facade designs for my modern modular L-shaped bar.  I wanted to create a weave pattern but wasn't sure how to go about it.  When I started with the barrel cabinets I thought the curves of the liquor barrel staves would work perfectly as well as finding a new use for the liquor barrels.  Recently, I sold a Liquor Barrel Cabinet to a local customer with the intent to use a barrel cabinet I had on display elsewhere and just update the hinge and latches.  The problem was that the wood had shrunk so much that it was not longer up to my standards of a cabinet to sell to customers, so I used another barrel cabinet I had on display here in the city of which I used newer techniques.  So here I was with this barrel and another from quite some time ago that I had taken apart.  I finally had the amount of staves that I couldn't use as cabinets and I used them to create a weave pattern for a different purpose.

Since my L-shaped full bar isn't finished yet, I thought of creating something that hasn't been done yet (I've searched online and I haven't found anything yet like what I made) .  The idea was a hanging wall unit with shelves that you could place where ever you wanted.  Going about this wasn't easy since I knew it would be quite heavy and it would be pretty large in scale, larger than what I thought.  After drilling many, many holes and a lot of metal work, I think I've created something pretty unique that anyone would love to have in their home.  Prices will be available when I have it appraised.  For the time being, the product will only be available locally in the Philadelphia area due to the size and installation.


Here's a great idea for a wedding gift:  Pool some people together to get an awesome and unique wedding gift, it's that easy.  It's a great idea and you may not have to spend that much.  It's also a gift you'll also be able to enjoy yourself when you go over to their house and drink all their wine.  Just like the other barrels, people can come up with some ideas to customize it ( like the wooden inlay "M" on the lid) and add options like the  padlock and skeleton key, maybe even the custom etched wine glasses when available. I have 3 French Oak Chateau St. Michelle barrels available and I'm currently looking to get some more from local vineyards.  Message me and let's make weddings a little more special.

about the "coming soon" glassware

You may be able to tell by the craftsmanship that I put into my barrels that not just any glassware will do.  My search for the perfect whiskey glass and the perfect red and white wine glasses is still going on.  I'm also debating on whether to get the Cooperage Cabinets name and logo etched on by an outside person or find a way to do it myself.  I'm leaning towards doing myself since it's hard to let anything leave my shop without me personally working on it.  The search goes on....

Customer Response On His Four Roses Barrel Cabinet

Harry found my cabinets while searching on Etsy, from there we kept in constant contact even after the barrel was delivered to him all the way out in California!

          "Having recently aged to 35, I decided to enhance my love for whiskey through learning and the purchase of what I consider to be the most unique liquor cabinet available! I came to find Cooperage Cabinets through my wide search of numerous whiskey barrels on the internet and what intrigued me most about Cooperage’s Cabinets was the ease of access to the stored bottles by the split barrel hinge design. The whiskey barrel which I purchased through Cooperage was custom to the point that I even selected the “Four Roses” whiskey barrel before it was constructed into a liquor cabinet. Whiskey barrel builder Andy Fleming took great care to meet my custom requests in the construction of my whiskey barrel. Andy and I had to have spoken nearly ten times throughout the production of my barrel. His frequent updates and conversations helped guide me through the understanding of how barrels are constructed and the steps to converting a barrel into a liquor cabinet! I can’t think of a better liquor cabinet and conversation piece than the custom whiskey barrel that I recently purchased through Cooperage Cabinets! Along with my whiskey barrel purchase was a skeleton key lock that really compliments the aged “prohibition” look of my barrel. I’m well aware that many establishments like Pottery Barn carry some nifty liquor cabinets that can serve the purpose of your liquor storage needs, but at 35 years of age, I’ve decided to separate myself from the main stream norm purchases and strive to become more interesting through distinguished brilliant buys! Thank you Andy for a remarkable whiskey barrel cabinet which I truly believe is a solid buy for my man cave." ~Harry Higgins

Thanks Harry, I can't thank you enough!!!

Top 10 Occasions to give a Custom-made Wine or Liquor Barrel Cabinet as a Gift

The time has come again and you're stuck trying to figure out what gift to get the "person who has everything" or instead of giving the same ol', same ol' you want to finally give a gift that makes someone say "WOW!".  Look no further.

You've stumbled upon these cool custom-made wine and liquor barrels and would either love to get one for someone else, or, and yes- be selfish, you want one for yourself!  Here are the top ten occasions that are perfect to get or give one of these amazing barrels.  

1.  Wedding Gift

Looking for a cool group gift to give to your favorite couple on their wedding day?  Get a few couples to chip in and this wedding gift is a no-brainer.  Get it customized with their initials or any other personal touch you may be able to come up with. 

2.  Wedding gift for your spouse-to-be

Necklace, earrings, cuff links...  those are all thoughtful, but what about a unique barrel you got customized for the wine lover or whiskey aficionado you're about to vow to spend the rest of your life with?  Get your wedding date and initials etched into the top and you'll have a conversation piece in your house at your 10th anniversary party, 25th anniversary party, 50th anniversary party... you get the point.

3.  Wedding Anniversary Gift

While we're on the topic, wouldn't you love this for an anniversary present?  You're already married so your guests stuck to your registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond and you went with a traditional gift on your wedding day, but don't worry, you haven't missed your chance.  This is a great wedding anniversary gift to give or receive.  You could even give it to each other- the hybrid, wine & liquor cabinet is the perfect option.  

4.  New Home

Give your friends or family something to display during their housewarming party and you'll be the talk of the town for being such an amazing gift giver.  Since everyone else will just bring a typical new house gift and bottle of wine, why not give them a barrel made into a wine holder so they have somewhere to put it.   Who knows, maybe they'll return the favor during another occasion.  

5.  Birthday

Have a loved one dreading their journey "over the hill" or avoiding the big 5-0?  You have the chance to make this the best birthday for them EVER!  All you'll have to get them for any birthday after is another bottle to add to their stock.  Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.  

6. Christmas, Chanukkah, Kwanza, whatever holiday it is you celebrate!

Forget the car in the driveway with a big red bow on it, it's only happens in commercials.  Now a barrel made into a custom liquor cabinet filled with your favorite beverage- that's what I'm talking about.  Believe me, Santa agrees.  

7. Graduation

Books and tests and reports... oh my!  Whether you have a college graduate heading out to the real world for the first time or you know someone that went back to school to further their career they deserve a rewarding present for all of their hard work.  

8. New Job/ Promotion/ Retirement

"For (s)he's a jolly good fellow, for (s)he's a jolly good fellow"- sing it with me!  A custom liquor barrel cabinet is a thoughtful gift for whatever phase of someone's career you're celebrating.  

9. Valentines Day

She loves wine, you love her.  He loves bourbon, you love him.  Need I say more?

10. Midlife Crisis

What better reason to spoil yourself?  Instead of getting a purple convertible (yes, my dad actually did that) treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind barrel that your friends and family won't make fun of you for for years to come.  

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Padlock w/Skeleton Key Now Available as an Upgrade Option.

Not all Padlock and Skeleton keys will be the same.  I only choose the ones that go perfectly with each barrel so the look will match the metal rings on the wine or liquor barrels.  As I acquire the padlocks, I will post the photos and they will be a $50 option with custom made metal tabs.

Three 4 Roses Barrels Picked Up From Weyerbacher

Just picked up these barrels from the Weyerbacher Brewery in Easton, PA.  One will be for a great customer in California who's first bottle of bourbon he bought was 4 Roses.  4 Roses Bourbon goes all the way back to 1884 and they recently won "Whiskey Distiller of the Year-America" for the third year in a row.  I know this customer will absolutely love this Liquor Barrel Cabinet.


SteamPunk Inspired Barrel Cabinet In The Works

Steampunk inspired furniture and apparel is a design element I've seen that I think would go great with the distressed and vintage look of my liquor barrel cabinets.  Offering antique padlock and skeleton keys was just the first step...but to go further, I've decided to add functional gears, sprockets and a chain that will open and close the barrel with the cranking of a hand-wheel on the lid.


These will be rare production barrels due to the nature of finding vintage gears, sprockets and chains.  Other steampunk elements will be added to the interior and exterior of the barrel cabinets.