New Product!!!

I'm very proud of this new piece and to offer it as a new product.  It started a couple of  years ago when I was coming up with new facade designs for my modern modular L-shaped bar.  I wanted to create a weave pattern but wasn't sure how to go about it.  When I started with the barrel cabinets I thought the curves of the liquor barrel staves would work perfectly as well as finding a new use for the liquor barrels.  Recently, I sold a Liquor Barrel Cabinet to a local customer with the intent to use a barrel cabinet I had on display elsewhere and just update the hinge and latches.  The problem was that the wood had shrunk so much that it was not longer up to my standards of a cabinet to sell to customers, so I used another barrel cabinet I had on display here in the city of which I used newer techniques.  So here I was with this barrel and another from quite some time ago that I had taken apart.  I finally had the amount of staves that I couldn't use as cabinets and I used them to create a weave pattern for a different purpose.

Since my L-shaped full bar isn't finished yet, I thought of creating something that hasn't been done yet (I've searched online and I haven't found anything yet like what I made) .  The idea was a hanging wall unit with shelves that you could place where ever you wanted.  Going about this wasn't easy since I knew it would be quite heavy and it would be pretty large in scale, larger than what I thought.  After drilling many, many holes and a lot of metal work, I think I've created something pretty unique that anyone would love to have in their home.  Prices will be available when I have it appraised.  For the time being, the product will only be available locally in the Philadelphia area due to the size and installation.