Christmas Gift 2013!!!

I delivered this barrel to Lindsey in August and she said she wouldn't give it to her husband until Christmas, which for me would be torture!!!  When I delivered it he was shunned to the basement (poor thing) while I brought it into the house and it was hidden behind a tall bureau, not very well but I was told that he doesn't go into that room anyway.  So I checked my phone on Christmas night while at a family party and I saw he posted this photo of the barrel with some very safe company, now I know the barrel will always be protected.  Thanks Dustin!


Here's a great idea for a wedding gift:  Pool some people together to get an awesome and unique wedding gift, it's that easy.  It's a great idea and you may not have to spend that much.  It's also a gift you'll also be able to enjoy yourself when you go over to their house and drink all their wine.  Just like the other barrels, people can come up with some ideas to customize it ( like the wooden inlay "M" on the lid) and add options like the  padlock and skeleton key, maybe even the custom etched wine glasses when available. I have 3 French Oak Chateau St. Michelle barrels available and I'm currently looking to get some more from local vineyards.  Message me and let's make weddings a little more special.