Christmas Gift 2013!!!

I delivered this barrel to Lindsey in August and she said she wouldn't give it to her husband until Christmas, which for me would be torture!!!  When I delivered it he was shunned to the basement (poor thing) while I brought it into the house and it was hidden behind a tall bureau, not very well but I was told that he doesn't go into that room anyway.  So I checked my phone on Christmas night while at a family party and I saw he posted this photo of the barrel with some very safe company, now I know the barrel will always be protected.  Thanks Dustin!

SteamPunk Barrel Getting Closer to Completetion

This is the prototype of the the gear system that will be installed on top of the barrel that will have additional mechanisms below the lid to open and close the barrel.   This prototype was done by hand with templates and band saw, the actual set up will be done with a CNC wood router to ensure correct alignment of the gears and teeth.  I'm still deciding on the interior mechanisms, but updates will be provided when they happen.


Here's a great idea for a wedding gift:  Pool some people together to get an awesome and unique wedding gift, it's that easy.  It's a great idea and you may not have to spend that much.  It's also a gift you'll also be able to enjoy yourself when you go over to their house and drink all their wine.  Just like the other barrels, people can come up with some ideas to customize it ( like the wooden inlay "M" on the lid) and add options like the  padlock and skeleton key, maybe even the custom etched wine glasses when available. I have 3 French Oak Chateau St. Michelle barrels available and I'm currently looking to get some more from local vineyards.  Message me and let's make weddings a little more special.

Customer Response On His Four Roses Barrel Cabinet

Harry found my cabinets while searching on Etsy, from there we kept in constant contact even after the barrel was delivered to him all the way out in California!

          "Having recently aged to 35, I decided to enhance my love for whiskey through learning and the purchase of what I consider to be the most unique liquor cabinet available! I came to find Cooperage Cabinets through my wide search of numerous whiskey barrels on the internet and what intrigued me most about Cooperage’s Cabinets was the ease of access to the stored bottles by the split barrel hinge design. The whiskey barrel which I purchased through Cooperage was custom to the point that I even selected the “Four Roses” whiskey barrel before it was constructed into a liquor cabinet. Whiskey barrel builder Andy Fleming took great care to meet my custom requests in the construction of my whiskey barrel. Andy and I had to have spoken nearly ten times throughout the production of my barrel. His frequent updates and conversations helped guide me through the understanding of how barrels are constructed and the steps to converting a barrel into a liquor cabinet! I can’t think of a better liquor cabinet and conversation piece than the custom whiskey barrel that I recently purchased through Cooperage Cabinets! Along with my whiskey barrel purchase was a skeleton key lock that really compliments the aged “prohibition” look of my barrel. I’m well aware that many establishments like Pottery Barn carry some nifty liquor cabinets that can serve the purpose of your liquor storage needs, but at 35 years of age, I’ve decided to separate myself from the main stream norm purchases and strive to become more interesting through distinguished brilliant buys! Thank you Andy for a remarkable whiskey barrel cabinet which I truly believe is a solid buy for my man cave." ~Harry Higgins

Thanks Harry, I can't thank you enough!!!

SteamPunk Inspired Barrel Cabinet In The Works

Steampunk inspired furniture and apparel is a design element I've seen that I think would go great with the distressed and vintage look of my liquor barrel cabinets.  Offering antique padlock and skeleton keys was just the first step...but to go further, I've decided to add functional gears, sprockets and a chain that will open and close the barrel with the cranking of a hand-wheel on the lid.


These will be rare production barrels due to the nature of finding vintage gears, sprockets and chains.  Other steampunk elements will be added to the interior and exterior of the barrel cabinets.