Whiskey Barrels, Wine Barrels, Liquor Barrels... Oh my!

I’ve been making my whiskey barrel cabinets for about 8 years now and the past couple of years have been the slowest. There are multiple factors involved in why that may have happened and I’m working on them. But nonetheless, I’m still at it with the small orders that I’ve had and I’d like to increase selling my unique whiskey and wine barrel cabinets to people like you who appreciate true craftsmanship.

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Continental Distillery Tour and More Barrels in Stock!

Took an amazing tour of the old Continental Distillery about an hour outside of Philadelphia. 14 warehouses, 3 floors each. Each floor held 330,000 barrels for a total of about 14 millions barrels. Picked up a few barrels and had a toast with a former employee of the distillery, 2 great guys from Liberty Distilling who's bringing back the Kinsey name that originally came out of that distillery and my best bud, Mike. These barrels were last filled on 3/22/71.

Back bar in center city Philadelphia

I got a great opportunity to take my Barrel Stave Wall Unit design and create a back bar shelving unit made from 3 barrels for the wall and using the lids to create the adjustable shelves.  This is for a new bar/restaurant opening in Center City Philadelphia call U-Bahn.  I hope you like it!


So this is something I've been working on for quite sometime over the past few years.  It's 100% designed from scratch and built by myself.  The cabinets are walnut plywood to save on money and weight ($120 a sheet x 2).  I didn't want to use iron-on walnut edge-banding so I decided to cut 1/8" strips from a walnut board, it's definitely going to last longer and it looks great.  The bar top is constructed with a birch plywood base and topped with rough sawn walnut boards that I planed and joined down to 3/4".  There's a square hole cut out for the condiment tray and plenty of room for all types of glassware and bottles.  The walnut wine rack pulls out for other things I will build to put in it's place.  The finish is General Finishes Enduro-Var, which is the best water-based urethane on the market that has an oil like finished but dries in 20-30 min, is scratch and alcohol resistant.  The frame made from 1" square tubing and 1-1/2" round tubing welded for one solid frame.  The bar is designed to be taken apart in four pieces: Top, frame and 2 cabinets, so it can be moved anywhere.

Christmas Gift 2013!!!

I delivered this barrel to Lindsey in August and she said she wouldn't give it to her husband until Christmas, which for me would be torture!!!  When I delivered it he was shunned to the basement (poor thing) while I brought it into the house and it was hidden behind a tall bureau, not very well but I was told that he doesn't go into that room anyway.  So I checked my phone on Christmas night while at a family party and I saw he posted this photo of the barrel with some very safe company, now I know the barrel will always be protected.  Thanks Dustin!

Recent Wedding Gift for a Great Customer

Inlay "D" for the for the brides' husband.  Darker stain on the wine rack wood.  This was a great build!

From old, aged and falling apart to a beautiful refurbished barrel.

I was worried that I wouldn't be able to return these wine barrels to their original glory (at least close to it with a slight modification) but through a lot of work with sanding, grinding, more sanding, grinding again and brushing the bands with a wire wheel, I was able to achieve this look which I kinda like.  I was curious to see how the barrel would look with a sort of brushed metal finish, and this is the result.

SteamPunk Barrel Getting Closer to Completetion

This is the prototype of the the gear system that will be installed on top of the barrel that will have additional mechanisms below the lid to open and close the barrel.   This prototype was done by hand with templates and band saw, the actual set up will be done with a CNC wood router to ensure correct alignment of the gears and teeth.  I'm still deciding on the interior mechanisms, but updates will be provided when they happen.